Omega Dark is HERE.

Trade without market impact. Better execution than any lit exchange.

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Our current BTC price

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Introducing the most sophisticated liquidity venue in crypto.

Select institutional clients, OTCs, and Market Makers are signed up to trade in our dark crossing network as part of our Early Access Program.*



  • Dark crossing network with curated, unique liquidity

  • Peg orders to our dynamic, market-weighted midpoint price

  • Connect to global exchanges through our Smart Order Router & sophisticated algos

  • Match at our dynamic, market-weighted midpoint price or within our price protection limit for a better execution, by volume, than any lit exchange

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Security & Compliance

  • Our best in class team come from major financial institutions and the CFTC

  • Trade with only institutions who have passed our strict KYC/AML onboarding process

  • Fast, secure custody & settlement with cold storage

    *Pending regulatory approval

Professional Services

  • Institutional onboarding, including front and middle office

  • White glove OTC

  • Managed tech

  • TCA & tax reporting


Our seasoned team bring a wealth of expertise from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, and have designed and built trading platforms that have traded trillions of dollars—including the FX trading platform for the world’s largest hedge fund. Now, we’re ready to bring the most sophisticated tools and techniques of traditional markets into the digital asset space.

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OUR Partners

By partnering with the best in class for each layer of our tech stack, we’re able to offer end-to-end solutions without compromising depth. Together, we provide hundreds of man-years of tech and managed services.